Thinking about selling
your property?

We understand that every seller’s situation and needs are different and have built our business around crafting tailor-made transactions to meet the particular requirements of each client.
         If you’re thinking about selling your property now — or in the future — we’d like the opportunity to speak with you about your specific situation and how selling to us will help you achieve your goals.

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What and where we buy.

What and where we buy.

We buy property in all conditions: single-family homes, apartment buildings, and mobile home / RV parks across the United States. We also buy land pre-approved for mobile home parks and RV development.

Why sell to us?

Sell your property to someone who will care for it.

We have the experience to assist with a variety of financing and tax considerations related to the sale. Sellers often come to us with unusual circumstances: some wish to defer capital gains taxes, others prefer to carry out a 1031 exchange. Some may want to sell but continue to live in the property, others may need help with property management services. And of course, there are big savings in selling direct.
        Also, many sellers appreciate that we’re local, and because of that we care about the property and the community.

No commission fees
Flexible terms
No traffic through your property
No repairs needed

How we buy.

We purchase properties in various ways: all cash, on contract, options, etc. — whatever is best for you.
        If you’d like to sell on contract (also known as a “carry note”), or you’d like to learn more about this option, let us know. We have the knowledge and resources to help you use this tool to defer capital gains taxes and produce an ongoing income stream.
        We buy property with a pool of private capital and credit from a variety of institutional lenders, and we are pre-qualified buyers. Financial references available.

e love meeting new people and we’re happy to chat!