Local investors who care.

We buy real estate in the wonderful neighborhoods in and around Seattle.
        Whenever possible, we hold onto the properties we buy, renovating them, and caring about them for the long haul. Sometimes we buy single-family homes, remodel them, and then sell them to a new family to enjoy. We also develop under-used lots into row-houses or mixed-use buildings. As local residents who care deeply about our community, we invest a lot of time and effort into our properties.
        Whether it’s a small home or commercial property, you’ll find that we’re hands-on and hard-working. We manage our own construction sites and do our own property management.

Brett Faulds

Brett was raised in a real estate family in Kirkland. He was taught how to run a successful commercial real estate business as well as the skills necessary to manage new construction and property management.
        Brett manages the BWS sales and has a real estate brokerage license with NWG Real Estate. He lives in Seattle with his wife, Carley, and their two children.

Lindy Wishard

Lindy’s design and project management background prepared her to take the lead on architecture, interiors, and construction management for BWS. Lindy grew up in a construction family, where building and remodeling homes has always been a passion. She lives in Madison Valley with her husband, Jeremy, and their Corgi, Olga.