NEWS|Classic Six Inspired

Inspiration from the Classic Six Apartments of the Thirties

While individual tastes can be ever-changing, some things never go out of style. Quite simply, they are “classics.” Denim jeans, a straight-up martini, kindness and respect — these maintain a lasting value, regardless of subjective opinions. The classics are characterized by a standard of quality.

When thinking about design for the Fitzgerald, we pulled inspiration from a variety of places, one of which was New York City’s "Classic Six" apartments. A popular pre-WWII design in Manhattan's Upper West and Upper East Sides, this layout is characterized by high ceilings, large closets, decorative base and crown molding and cornices, and six clearly defined rooms: living room, formal dining room, kitchen, two full bedrooms, and maid’s quarters.

Though many elements of the Fitzgerald homes reflect the style of NYC's Classic Six, we've updated this concept to meet modern needs by including underground parking, elevator, modern heating and cooling systems, new plumbing and top-of-the-line appliances. The best of both worlds!

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